A Privacy-Preserving
Passport to the Web3.0 World

Prove who you are, without telling who you are.
Data and computation, keep both in your own hands.

zkID Credential Platform

A user-friendly interface to W3C DID and Verifiable Credential protocols.
You own your data in the platform.
Data and communication are all encrypted.
More DID standards will be supported.

As a Claimer

Generate your DID in 10 seconds.
Get your credential attested by trusted parties.
Share your verifiable credential with anyone in anyway you want.
Plaintext, selective disclosure, ZKP. All checked.

As an Attester

Format your own credential type.
Approve, reject or revoke a user credential.
Grow your reputation in the Web3 trust market.

zCloak ID Wallet

A wallet to manage your identity credentials
& generate zero-knowledge proofs

The zkID Wallet extension is where the storage and computation of your data take place. Powered by a novel cryptographic primitive, zk-STARK, the wallet generates a zero-knowledge proof that attests to the integrity of your local computation.