Your Privacy

Take control of your digital identity. Share only what you choose.

zkID is your ultimate tool
for digital privacy. Keep
your personal information
in your hands, always.

zkID Card

A seamless way to manage your digital identity, allowing you to issue, receive, and control what you share.

zkID Wallet

Your identity on the go. Access and share anytime, anywhere.


Where privacy meets proof for
your Identity

Dive into the

Step into our Card Verse - a universe where cutting-edge organizations and savvy individuals drop their data cards. Snag the ones that resonate with you


Craft your data cards as tokens of trust. Each card you create and distribute becomes a beacon of your endorsement

Card Play

Flash your data on demand, mint trendsetting NFTs & SBTs, and supercharge with the zk-powered zk-sbt. All at your fingertips, balancing spontaneity with privacy.

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